Instructors Build Loyal Community!

Creating a community doesn't just happen. It comes from strong leadership, a mutual passion and loyal supporters with a shared vision. Caren and Josh Rodgers, of Mesa, AZ, opened Radius Fitness in March of 2018 because of a need and desire to create an environment for health-minded people of all fitness levels.

What they have found is that the key to cultivating a thriving community is in the magic that group fitness instructors create.

How do Caren and Josh find talent that create spark, intrigue and keep their members coming back for more?

Caren and Josh Rodgers, Owners of Radius Fitness

Caren and Josh Rodgers, Owners of Radius Fitness


Personality is huge when it comes to the instructors you choose for your team. It is also critical to consider how much a person loves teaching.

Are they teaching because it’s a job or because they absolutely love to teach?

All of our instructors LOVE to teach.

I talk with interviewees and ask out-of-the-box questions like: What’s your favorite movie? What are your hobbies? What kind of music do you like? Where do you like to go out to eat?

This makes the conversation comfortable and less intimidating. I’m a very easy going person and I want them to know I’m not here to judge or make assumptions.

I’m here to encourage and learn about that person.


Caren and Josh walk their new instructors through the training process and are available for support when needed. The instructors range from 20+ years of experience to newcomers who demonstrate a love for fitness.

We are not close-minded when it comes to hiring new instructors.

Everyone has their own personality and that’s what we love about each one of them. We always make sure the education, training and certifications are current with our instructors and then take them through what typical class requires. But after that: we give them creative freedom.

Josh and I are still in awe of the amazing instructors we’ve been able to bring on to our team.

It is important that each class be to the design of the instructor. The difference in style, music, choreography and personality is what prevents the members from getting that stagnant feeling.


REST! There was a period of time where I was subbing everything I could and it wore me down, quickly. It was a lot managing teaching several classes and running a business, so I had to make adjustments. I truly love teaching because it gives me that time to break a sweat and put aside the stress of being a business owner.

When it comes to my team, I always make time to talk to my instructors to see how they are doing. The ones I don't see often, I make sure to call or text them to check-in. I care that my instructors are well and healthy. I want to connect with them not only because they work with me but also because they're people who may need to talk. Taking the time to ask, 'how are you?' can open the door to building a substantial relationship with your team.

Radius Fitness Mesa, AZ

Radius Fitness Mesa, AZ

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