Playlist need a makeover? Check out this DJ on a bike!

We caught up with the curator of Spotify’s most followed indoor cycling playlist, DJ Peter G. What happens when you merge two incredible crafts?


Set the mood.

As a DJ my mindset is always: how can I keep this crowd on the dance floor non-stop throughout the whole night? It’s important to find songs that my crowd/riders will connect with whether it’s old or new school jams. It’s scientifically proven that people ride naturally to the beat of the music so my class is very beat driven at times.

Music is the ultimate universal language that everyone understands. So I choose music that infuses fun, dance party and positive vibes.

Have a system.

I digitally ReWeRk most of my music for class. I have a very successful music site on Bandcamp where I digitally remix/edit/ReWeRK music specifically for Indoor Cycling. This process can take anywhere from 10-20 min per song. Creating the actual playlist usually takes 5-10 min. I follow the very successful formula model that Spotify has: the majority of my playlists are genre specific because that is the best and easiest way to stay organized when searching for music. 

Why Spotify?

Hands down Spotify has the best music search engine & overall features than any other streaming service out there!

What’s on repeat?

Bittersweet Symphony EDM Cover

As a DJ & Indoor Cycling Instructor bringing Joy, Happiness, Laughter, Fun, Dancing & most importantly positive vibes thru music is the best, fulfilling & rewarding experience ever!

Playlist need some refreshing? Check out his stuff!

Most-followed Indoor Cycling Playlist on Spotify

Sample Theme Ride

Motivational & Inspirational Songs

2000s Pop Dance Party Mix

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