JAKE MAULIN’S 3 Rules to creating the perfect workout soundtrack

Jake Maulin in his Cycle Bar Naples Studio!

Jake Maulin in his Cycle Bar Naples Studio!

Do you ever find yourself spending hours searching for that “perfect” hill song or the song that will push your class to the next level? At Instructrr, we hope to inspire, motivate and offer tools to make building the soundtrack to your class a seamless and more efficient experience!

We are psyched to share super star Cycle Bar studio owner, Master Instructor, Jake Maulin’s 3 Tips and Tools on How to Build not just a ‘playlist’ for your class but a SOUNDTRACK!!!

Jake hard at work discovering new music!

Jake hard at work discovering new music!

#1 Start with music

Tip: Music comes first

Building strictly to format is too scientific for me. I don’t abandon format. I will place the songs where they need to be after I select them. I never try to discover new tracks while I build a new playlist. It takes up time and the overall soundtrack emotion is compromised. I create a playlist for a class in about 20 minutes. Music discovery, on the other hand, is a daily practice. I can spend hours searching new artists, remixes, classics, and new sounds.  

Tool: All of it, everywhere

Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and SoundCloud I will use whatever it takes to find and play the music that inspires!

Jake feeling a little bit scared while creating his soundtrack!

Jake feeling a little bit scared while creating his soundtrack!

#2 Experiment

Tip: Think outside the box

I say often to our team, “if your playlist doesn’t scare you a little, it’s too comfortable and you will fall flat”. There needs to be tension. Nothing passionate can happen without challenge.

Some songs are love at first listen, and I know exactly what I can get out of a song. The real question for me is: “What’s the song going to allow me to execute for the class?” Sometimes I need a few listens to capture that spirit and sometimes it instantly hits.

Tool: Be creative in organizing your tunes

I have a file titled, “never play” where I put songs that I deem lost causes… and don’t you know that I open that file occasionally and pull out a song that is just the right song. Sometimes a song that we just don’t feel 3 months ago, turns to magic one day.


#3 Play to the emotional connection

Tip: Carry a theme

I feel an emotional connection to the soundtrack but rarely does my playlist reflect how I am feeling. Sometimes if society is going through some shit, like a mass shooting or tragic event, I might play Man in the Mirror or Linkin Park. Mainly though, the songs selected carry a theme. I feel like I would like to dig a little to root of where the inspiration stops and intuition begins. That is a raw human place for sure.

Tool: Have a muse!

My wife Holly is always a source of inspiration. Even when she doesn’t know it. Sometimes it’s a song she shares with me. Sometimes it’s a topic of conversation that morphs into an inspired message to the class. Holly is very much woven into the fabric of my classes. More specifically, she has recommended some pretty powerful tracks that have turned into mainstay tracks that seem to be timeless. 

Jake getting into the zone!

Jake getting into the zone!

If you find yourself in Naples, Florida you MUST jump into one of Jake’s rides. His classes are dramatic, soothing and ass kicking all at the same time. Not able to get to Naples? Check out the links below to connect with Jake!

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