You got into group fitness to teach, not to prep.

Prepping sucks.

No one pays you for it. But the truth is YOU are the reason why folks show up to your class.
YOU are the magic.

So we’re gonna make prep a hell of a lot easier.
We’re gonna give you your time back.

For Fitness Instructors


As fitness professionals, we get paid to teach fitness classes, not for the time it takes to create them. That’s why we created Instructrr, to give you back time and to help inspire your creativity. The Instructrr mobile app brings an innovative approach to fitness instruction by blending class planning and music selection into one, simple solution. It's easy, it saves you time, and it opens new possibilities for class creativity. Works with Spotify Premium.


For Fitness Studio Owners


Training new talent and maintaining consistency from instructor to instructor and class to class can be challenging. With no real tools, it can be frustrating for both you and your talent. The Instructrr app solves this. It’s a tool designed to help you teach and on-board new team members. It also works as a platform where you can share workout music and content. Now, everyone in your studio can be perfectly in sync.



Create classes from your Spotify playlists or use classes from well-known instructors.  Instructrr autodetects BPM, so you can easily choreograph your workouts.



Use the app to seamlessly run your class, with bold, easy to read timer and information displays.



Quickly rate your ride - music, profile, difficultly level - for future use.